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How to install Facebook Pixel in your WordPress site?

What is Facebook Pixel?

It is an algorithm to retarget website visitor using Facebook advertising and track conversion rate

Before begin:

In order to use Facebook pixel you must have one business website

Access to one Facebook business account

How to create a Facebook pixel?

1.Open Facebook business account, click the dropdown arrow at the top right bar.

2.Select Advertising on Facebook

3.Click Create An Ad

4.Go to Data Sources in Events Manager

5.Click Get Started

6.Name your pixel and enter website URL

7.Click Create

Your Facebook Pixel done created

How to link WordPress site with Facebook Pixel?

1.Go to Data source in Event Manager

List of websites with Pixel ID shown

2.Copy the Pixel ID for site

3.Go to site dashboard in WordPress

4.Install and activate the plugin of Official Facebook Pixel

5.After activate, click Facebook Pixel in Settings tab of dashboard

6.Paste the Pixel ID into the field provided

7.Click Save Changes

8.Click Visit Site in dashboard

9.Open back the Event manager tab and refresh the browser

10.Check the indicator on right side become green

How to test it it working?

1.Install Facebook Pixel Helper extension

2.After installed, visit site and click the icon in address bar to check pop out.  

How to add multiple websites using one Pixel ID?

1.Go to Custom conversions in Event Manager

2.Click create custom conversion button at upper right

A pop out shown.

3.Select contains and add URL in the field provided

4.Add website name for Name field

5.Select category you want to track for the sites

6.Click Create

The created sites will shown on the list


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