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How to Install Google Analytics in Your WordPress Site?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google. It is available to set up on websites, web application and mobile applications for Android and IOS. It is used to track and analyze the website traffic, activity and data of your website. For instance, you can track the number of visits, visited page, the return of investment (ROI) and so on.

Why Google Analytics?

This analytics tool is a useful website tracking method for site owners. You will be easy to access and share the data and report with your collaboration. It tracks the interaction of the user with a website and helps you to reach the right audience. After that, it can help you to make smarter decisions based on the data from Analytics Reporting. You will get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Finally, convenience and efficiency will take you to drive excellent results to grow your business.


How to Create Google Analytics?

First of all, you need to access a Gmail account. Besides, remember to login or Sign up for a Google Analytics account before you start.

Steps to Create Google Analytics:

1. Enter your account name (business name).

2. Click “Next”.

3. Click “web”.

4. Fill in website name, URL, country and time zone.

5. Click “Next”.

6. Check the checkbox of agree terms.

The tracking code and ID shown.

7. Copy tracking ID.

Go to Admin → Tracking Info → Tracking Code to check ID later.

How to Add Multiple Sites using the Same Account?

1. Go to “Admin”.

2. Choose the existing account from “Account” dropdown.

3. Click “Create new property” button beside “Property”.

4. Select “web” and click “Continue”.

5. Insert the website name (URL).

6. Select “industry category” and “time zone”.

7. Click ‘Create’.

Tracking ID of the site shown.

How to Link Google Analytics with WordPress?

1. Install and activate the plugin in the WordPress site dashboard as shown below.


2. Paste Tracking ID in the field provided.

3. Click “Save Changes”.

4. Click “Visit Site”.

How to Test is it Working?

1. Go to Google Analytics → Real-Time → Overview.

Next, visit a page of the WordPress website.

If it is connected to your website, you should see a bar.


If so, it means that your website data goes back well in it.

How to Share Google Analytics with Others?

1. Go to Admin → Property User Management.

2. Click “+” icon at the top-right and select “Add users”.

3. Insert the email address you wish to share and check the permission they have.

4. Click “Add” button at the top-right side.

The person will be added to the list under property permissions.

Learn more Google tools here:

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