How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with One WordPress Account?
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How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with One WordPress Account?

Do you know how to manage multiple WordPress sites with only one WordPress account? Here is a step-by-step guide for you.


1. Access to your WordPress account or create one.

2. Click “+ Add New Site” on your left

3. Insert your WordPress site URL at the field provided at right (Add an existing WordPress site with Jetpack).

Click here to know more about Jetpack.


4. Add site username and password.


5. Click install Jetpack or you can install the Jetpack plugin manually.

6. Scroll down the page and click the button of “Start with free”.


7. Click “Continue”

Done! You can manage the website now.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a free and famous WordPress plugin created by Automatic which is the parent company of This plugin is packed with several modules to provide additional features for your website. In addition to the package, you may purchase the charged plans for advanced functionality.

Why Jetpack?

The purpose of this amazing plugin is to enhance the management of your website. Jetpack can be used to improve the performance, security and traffic of your website. Besides, it comes with a few extra customizations which will bring your website visitors better user experience. Hence, you will make a better website than the basic setting of WordPress.

Features of Jetpack: 

I recommend Jetpack plugin because it provides many features that will really help your website very much.

1. Security

  • Daily automatic content backup and restore to keep your content safe.
  • Spam filtering to prevent spammers disturb the traffic of your website.
  • Login secure protection to protect your website from brute-force attack who keeps submitting username and password repeatedly to guess and get into your account.

2. Performance

  • Site accelerator which fastens the image loading speed to raise user experience.
  • Lazy Loading makes the images load as the website visitor scroll down to speed up the load time of the website.

3. Traffic

  • Statistics and analytics of the posts and pages for you to get a deeper insight into the effectiveness of your website.
  • Display related content with automatic links at the end of the page to keep your visitor on your website and increase your traffic.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to maximize the ranking of your website.

4. Customization

  • Carousel gallery which means a slider gallery that is swipeable for multiple images.
  • Social sharing button for Facebook, Twitter and so on to allow your visitor to share out your content.
  • Extra widget which can set to display only on particular pages.

Learn more about WordPress here:

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