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How to Install and Start Using WordPress with Bitnami?

What is Bitnami?

Bitnami is an application environment that provides installers or software packages for web applications and software stacks. For instance, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and many others are the web applications available from Bitnami stacks. Besides, you can choose to download and install the Bitnami stacks on your computer, run in the cloud or containers. For WordPress, I recommend installing it on Windows, Mac OS or Linux of your computer. Moreover, it is fully packaged with a complete web host including Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Why Install WordPress with Bitnami?

If you want to use WordPress, you need to purchase a domain and hosting to launch your website. Conversely, you should try on Bitnami WordPress Stack first. It is an open-source platform and provides a one-click install solution for WordPress. Besides, the 3 main advantages are up-to-date, secure and consistent between platforms. By installing this, your WordPress will be installed locally on your computer without any charge. Hence, only you are able to access your website. You can use it directly without Internet access because all of the files will be stored on the computer. Therefore, it is an easy way to learn and test for WordPress before you decided to launch and live your website to the public.


Install WordPress with Bitnami

Although it is a few methods to install this tool, I recommend installing it on Windows, Mac OS or Linux of your computer.

Steps to Install WordPress with Bitnami: 

1. Download WordPress Bitnami from here.

2. Select the platform you want based on the operating system of your computer.


3. Select “No thanks, just take me to the download”.


4. It takes some time to download it.

5. After done download, click the files.

6. When a prompt out shows, drag “WordPress” into the files.


7. WordPress Bitnami now is available in your application file now.

Start using WordPress with Bitnami

1. Open WordPress Bitnami by clicking the “General” tab. After that, click “Start” and wait. It needs some time to load for the first time.

2. After the indicator change to green color, let’s proceed to “Services” tab。

3. Start all the services, then proceed to “Network” tab.

4. If you want to enable localhost only, hover to the first row and click “Enable”. If you need PHPMyAdmin, hover the second row and click “Enable”.

5. You can create your own port by clicking “Add” button at the bottom.

local port: your port no (eg: 8822)

remote port: 80 (default value)

6. Local port if the key is 8822 then only you can access. If it is *.8822 then all devices can access the site.

7. Next, hover to the tab of “Volumes” and click “Mount” button to access all the files directly.

8. The last tab, “Log” shows all the activities carried out by WordPress Bitnami.

9. In order to access your site, type localhost: 8822 at the address bar of your web browser.

10. Admin site: localhost: 8822/wp-admin

Username: user

Password: bitnami

11. Phpmyadmin: https://localhost:8822/phpmyadmin

Username: root

Password: bitnami

Congratulation, you know how to use WordPress Bitnami now!

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