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How to Setup WPForms in Your Website?

What is WPForms?

WPForms is an online form plugin where you can create a form in minutes without touching any code.

Why WPForms?

We recommend WPForms because it comes with drag and drop builder. It is user-friendly, mobile responsive and has few common pre-built form templates, instant form notification and easier to embed in pages.


How To Add Contact Form To Your Website?

Add a contact form to your website to let visitors get in touch with you.

#1: Go to Plugins > Add New


#2: Search for WPForms, Install and Activate it.


#3: After activated, Go to WPForms > Add New


#4: WPForms setup page display.


#5: Add your form name at the top.

#6: Select one of the template based on your requirement. The template chooses here is Simple Contact Form.

Customize Form Fields

#1: Go to WPForms > Fields.
You can add an additional field by drag fields from left and drop to the preview form at right.


#2: Click Field Options if you want to configure field details and settings. To edit a field on the form, click on the field and edit it on the left. In Field Options, you can change the field label, format and description. You can also select the field as required. To reorder the field in the form, just drag the field and drop it to the position you want.


#3: After done editing the form, click Save button at the top right corner.


Configure Form Confirmations

#1: Go to WPForms > Settings > Confirmation


#2: Select confirmation type from the dropdown list. There are 3 confirmation types to select which include message, show page (show page on your site) and go to URL (redirect) which is redirecting to a new URL. By default, WPForms show a confirmation message, you can add messages (either thank you note / a message confirm submission) that appear after they submit the form. 

#3: Edit / Add message


#4: Click Save button after done.

Configure Form Notifications

Get notification everytime a visitor submits a form on your website.

#1: Go to WPForms > Settings > Notifications. By default, this notification sent to the admin email address but you can add any email as recipient. To add multiple emails, separate each email by a comma. Your form name is pre-filled in Email Subject. When you reply to an inquiry, it will reply to the email that visitor fill in the form. You can also notify visitors about their submission through Smart Tags in WPForms.


#2: After done settings, Click Save button.

Add Form To Page

There are 2 options provided to add a form to page.

Option 1

#1: Edit page that you wish to add form.

#2: Click + icon at the top.


#3: Click WPForms under Widgets section.


#4: Select the form you wish to add from the dropdown list.


#5: Click Update to save changes.

Option 2

#1: Go to WPForms in the dashboard.


#2: Click Edit link below form you wish to add to the page.


#3: Click Embed button at the top right corner.


#4: Copy the shortcode display in the prompt out. Close the prompt out and Edit page you wish to add form.


#5: Paste the shortcode in the page and Click Update button at upper right. You can now see the form added to the edited website page.

Test Form

#1: Go to the web page that you add the form.

#2: Fill and Submit the form. A confirmation message is shown.

#3: Check inbox for email notification on the email that you enter in Send to Email Address in WPForms. If you received the notification, the form is work but if you don’t receive any notification, Check this documentation.

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