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CLT Contract Sdn Bhd is a construction company. This company specialists in construction, sub construction, ceiling work, aluminium work, glass work and metal work as well. It establishes corporate with counterless project been participant. Before having a website, they always have to print out their company profile in hard copy. It is because they require to show their previous participant project to the tender project from main contractors. However, now the website solves their problem by digital profile. They can show their information directly to customers through the website by using electronic devices. Moreover, we also creates Google Business to guide their company location.

Besides, we can see that sub construction company always ignore to create an online presence for their company. They are more reliant on recommendations and relationships. Hence, their information on the Internet is limited. They will lose the chance of expanding their circle of marketing influence. In conclusion, a specific industry like CLT Contract Sdn Bhd who specialists as interiors, architectural and building construction industry should pay attention to this trend.

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