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Puchong.co is a forum website using Discourse platform which was an open source discussion platform. It is using Ruby on Rails as server side web application framework and backed by PostgreSQL database and Redis cache. We have more than 20 years experiences on forum platform. Therefore we can confidently said that Discourse is a very powerful framework for next decade in the internet. Beside that, we are also service provider for managed forum hosting. Click here for our hosting service.

Because of Puchong.co, we are now proud to say that we had grasp the knowledge of deploy the forum thru Docker container. Some old forum framework such as phpwind had been migrated to Discourse as well. Contact our sales representative if you are facing the same issue while migrate your forum data from an old framework. We are willing to share with you.

There are various categories of information including news, food recipe, traffics, services, restaurant, books, entertainment, night life, sales & promotion, sports and shopping in Puchong.co. Be a contributor, share information with others and explore Puchong.co starting from today. You can use markdown language to create your content as well.

For more information: https://puchong.co/

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