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Synermax – Premix instant coffee & goat’s milk manufacturer

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Mr. Richie personally supervises the production quality of the premix instant coffee and focuses on the study of goat’s milk, and more and more medical proof that goat’s milk brings more benefits than cow’s milk. Among the most obvious benefits are goat’s milk can help to reduce the Jaundice of newborn babies.

In this project, Mr.Richie requires its website shows for the company information and also can display their popular product to audiences. We develop via October CMS. It was a free open source, self- hosted platform based on the Laravel PHP framework. Developer choosing October CMS is because it does not bloated with features that we do not need. It was as simple as just with pure HTML.

Synermax is planning to upgrade its website to become an e-commerce site in the future. Therefore, the product section is developed based on the e-commerce layout. Synermax also has its kiosk at several locations in Perak. Therefore, they require a page to display all the kiosk locations and easy for future addon purposes.

We are so happy in this development because it was the first step on client to bring their traditional business into the internet world. Besides that, we also set up Google My Business for client business location. We had explained at our blog why and how Google My Business is important and beneficial to for all businesses. 

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