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Yee Thye had been established for nearly five decades at Ipoh, Perak. It is renowned for its Heong Peah and Kaya Puffs as being freshly baked and truly traditional biscuits with the recipes from older generations. Yee Thye headquarter location is at the heart of Ipoh, which is a must visit location for tourist. Since now it is operating by second generation, therefore they decide to bring a new innovation for their traditional business.

Ipoh is a popular town among tourists who come to visit Malaysia. It is famous with variety type of foods, snacks and drinks as well. For instance, the world famous instant coffee – Old Town White Coffee is one of the signature drink originally from Ipoh.

Yee Thye selling thousands of Ipoh famous snacks and foods in their retail shops. Heong Peah and Kaya Puffs is their signature snacks under their own branding. Therefore, eCommerce website come into picture for branding purpose. This is because they aim to sell their signature snack to whole Malaysia and also worldwide. Their requirement is pretty straight forward which is eCommerce function with some information page relating to their long historical background. Click for website design services providing by us.

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