Great Web Design Increases Your Profit

Can great web design increase your profit?

The answer is Yes

Your business not making the profit you are expecting? Fret not. Because having a great web design on your website got you covered. For your business to thrive, you will need to achieve a strong presence online in this modern age. Many different factors contribute to it. From a beautiful, efficient website to a user and mobile-friendly website, they surely can be the difference between taking your business to the next level.

Benefits of great web design:

1. Your client will have a good impression of your company.

It is vital to capture your potential customers’ attention the first time they approach your website. The first impression counts! It is your first major step towards earning a buying customer.

2. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking will increase.

There are over 12 billion searches on Google alone, hence don’t you think to have an effective SEO strategy really pays off? Outshine all the other websites that offer the same product or service as you by having a great web design! Your website will be navigated more easily and more customers will visit your website.

3. It affects your brand consistency.

Branding is what differentiates you from others. It makes your company easily recognizable. Without a unique brand, it will be difficult for your customers to see what makes your company better than the rest. Designing a website that communicates consistency in branding elements will surely help you strengthen your customer’s trust in your business.

4. It helps inform your customers of the solutions your company has to offer.

Great web design should help to respond to your customer’s needs right when they look for it on your website. (Eg. Frequently Asked Questions…etc.). Having great web design can determine the way your customers interact with the website. It will make your website appear more appealing to the users and make them want to engage with your page, which is where every engagement begins.

5. Your brand authority will be built up. 

Consumers today become more informed before deciding on which product they are buying, hence it’s your job as a business owner to affirm your authority in the industry you are in through your website. Good web design does not allow your business to just sell. But tell useful stories that will inspire your potential customers. 

6. Web design can boost your profit by feedback and testimonials. 

From user feedback, you are able to know how to improve your service. Customers tend to buy services or products from companies recommended by others. Having a testimonial page on your own website (if they are honest and legitimate) can help you to better showcase your products and services. 

7. A rich customer database will be created.

In this new digital economy, data is the new oil. You can use this marketing strategy by using data to analyze your customer’s activity when they land on your page. You can further utilize this data to curate a useful lead capture page, to attract more customers.

According to an Econsultancy User Experience Survey Report, 62% of companies polled saw a 62% online sales increase once they made their website mobile friendly with responsive web design. Hence, what are you waiting for?

All in all, great web design benefits your business in ways more than you can think of! Do not undervalue the importance of design!

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