How to set Google Business Listing?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is one of the products by Google to grow business. It help business to stand out to customers looking for them in Google search and Google Maps for free. Google My Business listing is simply a directory listing on Google where business owner can claim ownership of its listing and provides more information related to business.

With Google My Business account, business owner not only get business listing but also business profile which help with customer engagement. Business owner can publish post to profile showing current offers to customers.

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Where does Google business listing appear?

Google business listing appear in Google search results and Google Maps.

Why I need Google business listing?

Business owner need Google My Business listing to show up in Google search and Google maps when customer search for it. Besides, Google business listing is interactive, therefore it is convenient for customer to engage with business. Furthermore, anyone can add a place to Google Map but only Google business owner can control the information and ranking in Google business listing.

Who can have Google business listing?

Google has its own guideline and requirement when come to business listing. The main requirement is physical location. Any business who want to appear in Google business listing should have physical location where customer can visit in order to make a purchase or request for a service such as restaurant, retail store, cleaner, doctor or others. In other words, the business that does not owned any physical location to interact with customers does not fulfil Google listing requirement.

How to set up Google listing?

1. Check to see if listed

Search for business in Google Map. If show up, your business is listed. Otherwise, start register your business on Google.

Search for business in Google Map

2. Register your business if not yet listed

Go to Google My Business page. Type your business name and click ‘Add your business to Google’.

Add business to Google

Input business name and click ‘Next’.

Input business name

Type a business category. As you type there would be few suggesting categories on dropdown. Choose one relevant for your business and click ‘Next’. You can add more or change it later. Category is important as it enable business to show up in search result other that business name. Research prove that Google Map listing search (84%) is higher than business name search (16%).

Fill in your location and click ‘Next’. Type your phone number and website URL. Click ‘Next’ when you are done. Google will then verify your business address using verification code. Choose a way that you would like to receive the verification code. Verification can be done by postcard, phone call, email or instant depends on methods available for your business. Google will locked down some features until verification is done. 

Address Verification

Click ‘Continue’ to add your business description and photo. You can also click ‘Later’ to add this later in account.

Add business description and photo

Click ‘Continue’.

Last step of business profile

When you received verification code, go to Google My Business account and click ‘Enter verification code’. Enter 6-digit code and click ‘Verify’. You can now fully manage your business listing.

Complete listing in Google My Business account if you not yet. This step is important as information contains influence the ranking in business listing. Consumer normally look into results that appear first. Therefore, high ranking can help to increase visibility, sales and website traffic of business. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure consistency across web, accuracy and updated information so that ranking in business listing would not be affected and increase trustworthy of business.

How to check Google business listing?

After verification, check listing by typing your business name again on Google Map. If show up, you had successfully register your business in Google business listing.

Check business listing on Google Map

Your Google business profile would includes business details, business description, products or services, and social media profiles.

Google Business Listing Details

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