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Quality Content Writing

“Content is King” as proposed by Bill Gates. Good content writing indirectly help your website ranking on the search engine especially Google. Moreover, your website content is also a key element to introduce and convince customers on your product & services. Of course, the more useful the content the more traffic and revenue you can drive in . Therefore, this is the final objective of our service. 


What is all about?

Target Audience

Target Keyword

Target strategy

marketing activity based on target customer segments

Target Audience

Getting to know who is your target audiences, and focus on their needs. Using the correct method like social media, blog to talk or to connect with them to build trust & credibility.

Target Keyword

Always using the 4W to select the correct keyword, which is

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What kind of information your audience needs?
  3. Why they need the information?
  4. Which keyword is the most relevant?
Record the relevant keywords
Planning the strategy

Target Strategy

Set a correct strategy, so that your quality content will drive in traffic and engage your target audiences, finally to make them become a successful conversation. 

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