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18 Steps To Set Your Website SEO Using Rank Math

Rank Math Introduction

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear in search with Structured data.

Table of Contents
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    How to Install Plugin

     First, go to the plugin section on your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New.

    Then, type ‘rank math’ on the search bar and press install for rank math SEO.

    After that, press activate to start using rank math SEO.

    1.Focus Keyword On SEO Title

      Focus keywords are the key point words you want your post to rank for. It can be either a single word or even a whole phrase.The words that users type in the search engines are the best focus keywords to choose for your title of topic. If you want to rank a post or page for a certain key phrase, you want your on page SEO  to be dialed in and very focused on that one topic. The best way to score higher rank in SEO is to make sure your content is unique, informative and also focused.

       In this case sample focus keyword is “Mail Client”.

    2.Focus Keyword Inside SEO Meta Description

    Characteristic of good meta description 

    • Keep it up to 155 word
    • Include  a call to action *exp:Get it now,Try it out for free.
    • Use your focus keyword that you add in the title.
    • Make sure it matches your content.
    • Be unique

    In this case sample focus keyword is “Mail Client”.

    3.Focus Keyword Used In URL

    The presence of the focus keyword in the URL is another ranking signal that all search engines use. It’s also important from a user’s perspective. As users perform a search on a search engine, they will only choose to click on one result. We won’t know what the user is thinking, but we can safely assume that they are looking for relevance and authority. Presence of the focus keyword in the URL is another way to show the users that the link they are about to click is about the topic they searched for, and the search engines like it too.Normally ,wordpress will automatically select the focus keyword and include it in the url generated.

    4.Focus Keyword Appears In The First 10% Of The Content

    Apart from the title, description, and URL, it’s also important to have the focus keyword at the beginning of your content. This reinforces to the search engines what your post is about and also re-assures the users that they’ve clicked the correct link.If your  primary focus keyword is present in the first 10% of your post ,you pass the requirement.

    In this case sample, you can saw that the keyword “mail client” is keep repeating in the top 10% of the content.

    5.Focus Keyword Found In The Content.

    Make sure the focus keyword that you set on title need to be include in the content.This requirement should be very easy to achieve by just  naturally including the focus keywords in your post.

       Just like what we previously mention, you need to make sure that your focus keyword as our example”Mail Client” is found in the content.Besides, you need to make sure your content is at least 600 words long to have more opportunities to explain your topic more.

    6.Focus Keyword Found In Subheadings.

    An often ignored SEO factor is the presence of your focus keyword in the H2, H3, and other tags. While Google does pay the most attention to the H1, the H2 and other tags are not ignored, and they are actually important for many reasons.Not only does including your keywords in your headings bring relevancy, but it also helps in achieving site-links in the results. Site-links are quick links that appear below your search result that helps the user quickly jump to a specific section of the article.

    In this case example, you can see that the focus keyword”mail client” does not only appears in the H1 title, it also appears in H2 subheading title.

    7.Focus Keyword In Image Alt Attributes

    Don’t forget to add alt text to your featured image.Alt attributes should include the focus keyword of your content.You can set multiple keywords by just adding comma after the first keyword.

    8.Keyword Density

    Keyword density is actually your primary and secondary focus keyword.Optimizing your post with a good keyword density will give you an edge in the search results. Even with a low keyword density, there is a good chance that Google will pick on your focus keyword. But, a high keyword density is a bad quality signal, which might get you kicked out from the search results.

    A keyword density of 1-1.5% is the most suitable.In this test, Rank Math will check how many times your focus keyword(s) and their combinations have been used in the content.Rank Math looks for both the primary focus keyword and secondary focus keywords to determine your keyword density.If you overdo it and exceed a keyword density of 2.5%, you’ll get a warning about that too.

       In this case,example of primary focus keyword are”mail client” and our secondary focus keyword “webmail” is  appearing in the content for 5 times.

    9.URL Length

    URL should not be unnecessary long, it must be clear and straight to the point.It does not have a specific length to be good.For this case, our URL length is 73 character long and we did include focus keyword”mail client” in out URL.

    10.Linking To External Resources

    Linking to external resources is like a references.To achieve this requirement ,you need to include an external link  in your post when  you refer to any website or article.Normally while we refer the usual search engine that we use is going to be wikipedia.

     In this example case, the word”email” is link to the wikipedia page which defines the meaning of “email”.

    11.Link To Internal Resource

    This requirement is easy to achieve as you just need to link a specific keyword to another post on your website.You can link it to another subdomains on your main domains or even link to the main domain from a sub-domain.Make sure the post you link is relevant to your content. In this case, we can noticed that the word”access your email account”is linked to another post in our website.

    mail client 11-2

    12.Focus Keyword Uniqueness

    In this test, it is checking if you have use the same focus keyword in your any other page before.If the post you are writing is similar with something you have written before, consider to combine them into a single page instead of writing multiple post with a similar content. In this case, our focus keyword is “mail client” and this topic does not appear in any other post before.

    13.Focus Keyword At Beginning Of SEO Title

    It is important to include your focus keyword at the beginning  of your post as it is a important way to catch user attention as quick as possible.In this test, it will check if you include your focus keyword on the top 50% of your title.If you fail to do so, the only way to solve is to rethink and rewrite your title.

     In this example, the focus keyword is “mail client” and this topic appears on the top 50% of the post.

    14.Sentiment In Title

    Way to fulfilled this requirement is by making expectation for user and makes them click in your post.You need to stay away from click-baiting which the content of your post does not matches with the title. In this example, our title is”steps to add your webmail to mail client”and this topic does appear in our post which we are not click baiting user.

    15.Numbers In SEO Title

    This requirement requires you to include a number in your title,For example, we use the title steps to add your webmail to mail client VS 3 steps to add your webmail to web client.Obviously the second title is more eye catching and attracts user to click in your content.

    In our case, we use the title “3 steps to add you webmail to mail client”which fulfils the requirement.

    16.Use Table Of Content

    Applying different header to each subtopics in your content makes user more easy to understand what your content is going to talk about.

    In our case, we apply different headings to our topic.

    17.Short Paragraphs

    Do remember to take note on number of words on your paragraphs.Do not insert everything in one paragraph. Separate them into few paragraph with each subtitles.If your number of words in one paragraph is more than 120 words, you will not fulfilled this requirement and you will fail to pass it . In this case example, we can noticed that all the paragraphs are not more than 120 words.

    18.Use Of Media In Post

    Do remember to attach some images or even video in your post.A post with images or video is more eye catching for the users to read.To score 100% for this test, attach at lease 4 images or video.

    In our case, we attach more than 4 images in our post.

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