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Social Media Management

Platform to connect your company with your potential customers

PC that connect with several popular social media platform

We help to create one post per month

Social media marketing platforms we used as shown below:

Social media platform in mobile phone with review, like and share

What is Social Media Management?

It was a process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Youtube as well. 

Why Social Media Management is important?

Social media helps to engage with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. 

What is our roles on social media management?

Our role is we always stay up to date on channel informations, so that we could provide bespoke strategies to achieve our client’s marketing goals. Beside that, we also: 

1. Determine the social communication key:

We determines the social communication key of your company to prepare the topic or subject to post on every social media channel and also provide appropriate reply to your audience.

2. Create brand awareness:

We help to create branding awareness to your audience.

3. Visual design advisor:

We provide professional advice and strategies on your visual design which is matching with your brand.

4. Engagement Executor:

We provide strategies to engage your audience toward paid advertisement, organic engagement and also influencer marketing.

5. Online Marketing Planner:

We help to optimise your marketing funnel according to your target market.

6. Establish Engagement:

We analyze your target audience and convert them to become your customer.

We as advisor of customer assist them how to create content, how to respond to consumers and how to engage a lead which is alliance with customer marketing objective.

Monthly marketing report

Dedicated Account Manager

Conversion tracking

Free Facebook page audit

Ads Write-up

Custom audience set up

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