Website Convert Flow

  1. WordPress come with default settings which will display “Your latest posts” on the front page. In order to display static page on front page, go to Dashboard -> Reading -> Choose static page. Then, select homepage.

2. How to set global font and colours. Settings global font and colour will help to reduce your work if you want to change the font and colours on multiple pages of your website. To set global font and colours, go to elementor toggle button -> site settings, set global colours and fonts. After done, click “update” to apply the changes. 

3. Save and resize all the images, logos and icons using canva. The files for images can be in either jpg or png (transparent background) format. For example, logo images size for site use will be in (250 x100) px, banner background image (1920 x 1080)px and icon image (500 x 500)px. All the images need to rename and resize below 500KB.

4. How to add header. Method 1: Elementor. Dashborad -> templates -> add new. Select the type of template (header) and name your template. Click “create template” after done.

Choose suitable template and select display condition (entire site).

Method 2: Astra. Dashboard -> Customize -> Header builder. Click the plus icon to add the widget inside. 

5. How to add footer. Method 1: Elementor. Go to templates -> add new -> select footer -> create template.

Choose suitable template and select display condition (entire site).

Method 2: Astra. Dashboard -> Customize -> Footer builder. Click plus icon to add widget.

6. How to add website pages. Dashboard -> pages -> add new. Write title and publish.

7. How to add blog posts. Dashboard -> posts -> add new. Write title, content and publish. Blog posts have publish date and the date can be displayed on your sites blog page. Posts can be categorised and it is often used in news/events/blog pages of your site.

8. How to add navigation menu. Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus. Under edit menus, create a new menus. Add menu items by selecting pages / posts / custom links / categories. After done, save menu. 

9. How to change scroll to top button. Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Global -> Scroll to Top. You can change the design, colour and size of the button.

10. How to set local SEO. Dashboard -> Rankmath -> Titles & Meta -> Local SEO. After done, save changes. Local SEO help to optimise the local search which focus on the location of your business serves and increase visibility of your website. 

Ecommerce website

1. How to add products. Dashboard -> Products -> Add new. Inside can add product name, descriptions, price, image, product tags.

2. How to add product categories. Dashboard -> Products -> Categories. Then insert category name, slug name and create category name.

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