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Create digital asset with mobile responsive feature

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Why Company Need a Website?

If you want to turn your business from offline to online or turn it to 24/7 in working mode, create a website would be the most accurate option. Website is an intangible assets which is fully belong to you or to your company. A lot of bosses misunderstand that, have an official page at social media platform for instance Facebook or Instagram seems like can replace the website as their business’s online presence. In fact, this move was risky, because social media platform does not belong to your company or anybody. Besides, if your official page being hacked or being shut down, you might facing a big losses where all the effort you put before on creating content will gone in just a second. In contrast, website does not carrying that risk if you have did a proper backup for your site. Refer here for how to create a website?

What Do We Provide

We create digital assets to consolidate your business sales & marketing plan. Our company provide multiple types of website design & development and we are ready to serve new startup, SMEs and corporate as well. To that end, we are always prepare to share our expertise on this industry and fulfil our mission which is creating a functional website to our client, so that their business is ready to stay above the competition.

Types of websites

Single Page Website

Known as single page website or landing page site. All the company information will be shown in a page with different section. This is suitable for new startup company. Although it will not gain a good ranking from organic SEO, but it was important for startup to do their retargeting marketing activity.

Profile Website

Profile website is suitable to those who had been established at least 3 years and above or for those company who would like to revamp their outdated website. Normally it will build up with 5 pages including home page,  about us, product or services, blog and contact page. 

Corporate Website

Corporate website normally is suggested to corporate with at least one subsidiary, or company with different regional office. Setting up sub site or multiple languages in the website are involved. 

ECommerce Website

An online portal to carry out buy and sell transaction either with single merchant or multiple merchants. Ecommerce website allow multiple merchants to sell their products or services in a platform known as marketplace.

Blog site was develop from the idea of a personal who would like to share their lifestyle experience or personal journal in the world with internet. Nowadays, a personal blog had become become a commercial tool which may generate income from the knowledge sharing by blogger. 

Good Website Features

As a good website should contain features as below:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast loading time
  • Well planning in information’s architecture 
  • Consistency for all browser
  • Easy to navigate

Features included

  • Mobile Responsive
    Your website will be adjusted according to the size of device. 
Latitude website in laptop size
latitude website mobile size

Start your project now. 

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