What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce Website

An Ecommerce website help an individual to reach you and make payment at anytime from anywhere. Your company sales boost automatically when more people can reach you. A good ecommerce website should have best user experience, friendly user interface and easier checkout process. This is because it helps to engage your users and turn the conversion into sales. Look for how to build a successful Ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Features

Below are some Ecommerce basic features. We can includes the following features in your website.

Product Catalogue

Show business’s products or services images for customers to look through before purchase


Shows products or services that had been added by customers together with total price

Payment Gateway

A Payment methods is a third-party between merchants and customers to take money from customers and send sent to merchants bank account for what they purchase on the website.

Inventory Management

Monitor and manage inventory of business

Shipping Management

Manage user order status, including real-time order status updates, order flow and more.

Content Management System

Monitoring and managing the content of the website so that it can be updated and errors changed at any time.

Discount & Promotion

Add discount vouchers to the website and create promotions to make their customers aware of, attract and induce the purchase of products as requested by the client

Multiple Currencies

Enables customers to select multiple currencies to be used on the website for all purchases on the website.

Logs & Reports

Provide daily, monthly and annual reports on the client's activities on the website so that the admin can understand at a glance.

Multiple Language

Enables customers to select multiple language to used on the website.

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