5 Tips of Social Media Post Idea

If you are struggling with a creative block, there’s inspiration here to cover every social network:

1. Company Blog

The best way to see your blog is to share it on your own social media platform because we know it was relevant to our business. We could make sure the content is valuable and could connect to our audience, especially content related to “How to”. The blog could show the authentic heart of the company to the audience. Click here to view more blogs from our company.

2. Industry News

Find those sources on Youtube or the latest Social Media Platform and follow them and share it with your audience from your pages when those related news releases from your industry. You may also make a subscription from the blog or information website as a source of your industry news.

3. Product and Service in visual format

Visual or video is a coming trend of the social media world, as research shows that videos have a 135% greater organic reach compared to still photos. Therefore in order to take advantage of this organic reach opportunity by sharing videos about your company or a new product and service that you have. It’s been proven time and time again that visuals help improve engagement.

4. Quick Tips and Advice

Sharing a simple and meaningful banner is an easy way to share valuable information with your audience. Summaries the tips and advice to describe it into a few banners in sequence easily get engagement from the audience who would like to know more about your product or services.

5. Meme or Gifs

Post the meme or GIFs relevant to your company and the audience will add a fun spin to your plain post. Nowadays, Memes and GIFs are becoming extremely popular among top companies around the world.

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