About UsWe are web design company and consultant master in WordPress platform. We provide website Consultant on landing page, profile website and e-commerce as well.

WordPress Web Developer

A web design and development  consultancy that specializes in WordPress website. Our company located in Puchong, Selangor Malaysia. We are web design specialist which using WordPress platform as content management system CMS for website design, E-commerce website customisation and SEO setting as well.

Our objective is to helping businesses of all sizes to build up a professional presence on the World Wide Web, with the design or revamp of their website. Professional consultation is provided to ensure the successful direction of the company’s project.

Vision & Mission


We role ourselves as media between traditional business versus the digital world. Our aim is to provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions so that they can continue growing their business with the help of our knowledge and technology.

web design and development company vision
web design and development company mission


We contribute our experience to assist our client to find a correct channel to the world of digital marketing. We also help our clients to forecast their expenses to deploy their digital strategy.

20 years of experience in website design services

Our Skill

WordPress 100%
PHP 95%
HTML 98%
CSS 98%
Javascript/Json 80%

We Provide

Technology changed rapidly and it was our responsibility to follow up closely with the trend and always make sure it was not outdated.

We provide a different packages to serve the different levels of customers.

We keep exploring new technology and the latest trend in digital marketing. We also SEO expertise that improve your website ranking in search engines.

We do not play hit and run, because we understand long term relationship is a key to success

We listen patiently to the voice of our customers, so that we could understand clearly with client request and provide our consultation.

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