How Google My Business Benefit to Your Business?

What is ‘Google My Business’?

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses and organizations to manage your online presence across the Google search engine. According to statistic, 50% of all the mobile consumers who search for a local business in a day and explorer to their website before they start to liaison with their search target. End up, 18% of the audience will make a purchase from there.

The benefits of Google My Business:

1. Listing your business at Google Search Engine.

It was a free marketing tool and faster way to list your business to online presence especially it was a benefit to new startup businesses, restaurants and also retail shops that require a walk-in client.

2. Listing your business at Google Maps.


Your business can list in the exact address and location on Google map. This is giving confidence to your target customer to reach you through the precise directions.

3. Priority listing your business at Google Search Engine.


When you have enhanced and optimized your business information, it can help your business priority list. Furthermore, your target customer can reach you with a simple click by requesting a quotation or even a direct phone call to your establishment.

4. New Channel to promote your business.

You may update your business information, product and service, operation hours, peak period and also business status at this platform. You’ll be opening up another new interactive channel and make an offer with your product and service with your potential and existing clients and customers. Right now, this tool does provide a beta platform to upload your product too.

5. Track views, searches and activity information of your business listing.

This tool provides insights that look at the traffic garnered on your business listing account and you can use the Google analytic tool to get statistics on your website traffic and audience. It provides a more in-depth look at your website traffic.

In conclusion, Google had created a powerful free tool to bring in more traffic to your local business and it was completely free. It is an excellent tool that will bring benefit to your business.

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