What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular website builder, 36% of the web is built on WordPress nowadays. It is a free and open-source website creation tool. Besides, it is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP for use with MySQL. Its operating system is Unix-like, Windows and Linux.

Moreover, the founder of WordPress is Matthew Charles Mullenweg. About 16 years ago, b2/cafelog which known as b2 or cafelog, was the precursor to WordPress. After that, WordPress is released on 27th May 2003, as a joint effort between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. In addition, Matt Mullenweg’s friend, Christine Selleck Tremoulet suggested the name “WordPress”.

Why WordPress?

WordPress provides a more easy way to create a website, blog and app without any programming knowledge. This platform is most suitable for blogging, e-commerce, business and so on. For instance, it is suitable for small and medium enterprise (SME) which want to online trading and share the information of the company. Hence, they need to create an online presence for their company. To use this tool, it has to be download for self-hosted installations from WordPress.org or be used as a hosted service via WordPress.com. Although this tool is free, it also provides several charged plans depends on the demand of the user.


Features of WordPress:

Do you know why is 36% of the web is built on WordPress? It is because there are many features that make this website creation tool attracts a lot of website developers. The features really enhance the flexibility and functionality of a website while the tools are still easy to use.

1. Themes

The first feature is themes that decide how the website looks. It provides up to 7,482 themes for users to choose from. Moreover, this tool had prepared a few default themes for the users who are no idea to work on the design of their website. The free default themes are simple and standard. Besides, the user also allowed to upload or customize their own themes of the website with their own creativity. In addition, users can also purchase a more beautiful design theme to attract more website visitors.


2. Plugins

Secondly, WordPress provides plugins architecture for the user to extend the features and functionality of their website. It provides up to 56,201 plugins for the users. There are some of the built-in plugins which are essential SEO, security scanning and so on. Furthermore, users can install other plugins too such as WooCommerce which is designed for an online store and Yoast SEO for enhancing website ranking in search engines.


3. Mobile-friendly

When we hear about the website, we mostly think about a computer. Conversely, WordPress is actually mobile-friendly which means it is responsive to mobile sites too. It makes the website able to display on any screen of different devices. Due to the demand for mobile phones and tablets are increasing, this feature can let a website attract and increase the number of users with better reading.



In conclusion, WordPress makes a better way for everyone to create an amazing website. There is not only a programmer who can be a web developer. This amazing website creation tool provides an excellent experience for global to develop a website. Importantly, Latitude Innovation Sdn Bhd is also creating a website by using WordPress now. We had done many websites for several companies by using this awesome tool. You can view our portfolio here.

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