How to add sorting on custom post type

What is custom post type

A custom post type is a personalized type of post that helps in organizing content beyond the standard ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’ in WordPress. For instance, if you’re creating a website for services, you can make a custom post type called ‘Service’ to display the different services provided. Moreover, custom post types can be tailored with custom fields, categories, and more, to manage content according to your requirements.

Why need sorting?

Sorting posts within a custom post type simplifies browsing, especially with a large amount of custom posts. Sorting can help highlights important details first, helping users quickly find what they need. It makes the browsing experience smoother and more efficient.

How to sorting custom post type?

Prerequisite: Custom post type have added support for “page attributes”

  1. Login to website backend, go to single custom post
  2. Click “Edit” link below the single post

3. Scroll down the post and find the “Post Attributes” panel on the right side

4. Input the order value for the post
Remark: the lower value will show first on the post

5. After done add order value, click “Update” to save changes

6. Go to Pages that display the custom post

7. Click “Edit with Elementor” to edit the custom post page

8. Click on the “Posts” widget

9. Scroll to “Post Order” section under “Query” dropdown

10. Select “Menu Order” for Order by field and Select “Ascending” for Order

11. Click “Update” button to save changes

12. The custom post type now will order ascending according to the order value you set for single custom post

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