How to Turn Your Website into a Business Deal Machine?

I always suggest that the boss must set up a company website for their business. It is because a website can bring many benefits to the business. However, the customers will not come to your website immediately after the website deploy. Besides, even customers who had been visited your website will not be very excited to do immediately query or purchase for your products and services. Therefore, how to get more potential customers to visit the website? And more importantly, how to make more visitors want to inquire and purchase your products and services?


Website Traffic Increase

Many customers wanted to make a website. The reason is they felt that potential customers would suddenly find their website and do their purchase. It is possible to happen if your website is ranking well on Google search. However, today Google ranking is so competitive because many businesses and merchants already have their website. Your new website is impossible to get the top page ranking or high-traffic keywords. In this case, you can do the SEO (search engine optimization) through your website, but it was a very skillful task. Small business owners are hard to learn this skill by themselves. This is very cost-effective. 

Of course, you can advertise with Google Ads, our company also used this method to obtain a lot of customer inquiries. Unfortunately, the cost of Adwords is higher and the setting is very complicated and there is a lot of competition. Therefore, it becomes difficult for small businesses to get good results on Google ads.

What is the way to bring in website traffic by cost-effectively?

Nowadays, Facebook is basically the most effective and cost-effective method for small businesses to reach potential customers and increase business. Meanwhile, this method might not be every industry, but for most of the small businesses. Facebook is still the most effective one.

How to turn website visitors into queries and purchases? 

Although it’s important to promote your Facebook, reach your target customers effectively and bring visitors and people to your website. Conversely, equally important and often overlooked are how to effectively turn website visitors and people flow into queries and how to turn queries into business. Unfortunately, most of the small business websites are not able to convert visitors into customers. The main reason it is not persuasive. So how do you can actually persuade potential customers?

Convince customers through logic and create their emotion of buying.

When visitors reach your website, she saw your product or service. However, she normally did not buy anything in the end. This is because your website did not convince her emotionally. This is nothing related to your product or service price or customer affordability. Most of the websites fail to persuade customers to perform buying action, why? 

1. Benefits to Evoke Purchase Intentions

When potential customers see your products and services. The only thing they ask themselves is: “What’s in it for me?”, “What is good for me?” If you fail to answer this question effectively, you will not be able to sell your products and services. Conversely, if your customer feels like they want your product, you must first understand the difference between “benefits” and “features.” In short, the feature is what the product can do. The benefit is what the product can do for the customer.

Let me tell you a story. There is a couple who saw a set of expensive tableware in the mall. My wife was immediately attracted and wanted to buy this tableware. However, when Mr. saw the price tag, he said that it was too expensive and we didn’t need it. Seeing this, the salesman immediately whispered a word in his ear. After listening to the salesman, he immediately bought the tableware. So, What did the salesman say to the husband? He told his husband, “After you buy this tableware, your wife will not let you wash the dishes in the future!” 

The salesman effectively grasped the husband’s benefits. If the salesperson explains the specification of the tableware, this deal may not attract the husband at all. In this case, no need to wash the dishes is the key point to the husband, which benefits him after spending the money. Many bosses, they might know the various characteristics of their products. But most of the time, it’s doesn’t help to convince the customer to take out money from their pocket. Therefore, you need to focus on the customer. You must understand your customers in-depth and know what benefits they want, rather than estimating what benefits they want!

2. Urgency and Rareness

Human emotions mainly dominated by two factors: the desire to enjoy and worry about losing. The first point above explained how to increase customer enjoyment and attract customers to purchase through benefit. Moreover, another effective way to attract customers to buy is to make them feel that the items are limited in selling and both of them are very effective techniques. Let the customer know that if they don’t buy it now, they may miss the opportunity to buy. 

Hence, can your business use limited-time offers, limited-term products, limited stocks and more to let customers know that they have an urgency to buy? Of course, there is an important point before using, which does not use fake urgency or rarity. In the short term, you may be able to increase sales. But in the long run, when customers find out that this is a long term gimmick, they might lose their trust in your brand.

3. Build up the trust of the brand

Customer does not buy your products and services because of insufficient trust. They are afraid that the quality of the product will be inferior, or the promised results will not be achieved. In this case, your product and service review becomes important. It is because they can refer to your customer’s review to make their decision, shall they use your service or buy your product or not. Besides that offer a free trial, money-back guarantee, or entry package with a discount also a convincing method to build up trust to your brand.

Website is your Salesperson instead of Leaflet

After understanding the above three tips and techniques, you need to effectively use your website to achieve the above objective. Most traditional bosses feel that the website just like an electronic flyer. They may be a focus on beautiful design, color matching and so on, but flyers are not an effective tool to engage the customer.

If bosses take the website as a salesperson, it can help to generate revenue. Good content on your website can help to explain to your customers the benefits of products and services, the cost of not buying, and eliminating purchase fears. 

No matter what industry you are from, you can also implement the above strategy which is to turn your company website into your 24/7 Salesperson. If you don’t have a website, you are welcome to message us right now to get your consultation. We are willing to share our experience and guideline.

Deeply understand your target customers, clearly communicate the benefits of products and services to customers, use rarity and urgency, and build up the trust of the brand, your website will not be your expenses anymore, let it become your business deal machine today!

For more information: https://latitudeinnovation.com.my/digital-marketing/

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