Why You Need a Website even with a Facebook Page?

A lot of SMEs think that their businesses could be run with Facebook Page instead of building a company website. However, if you want to advertise on Facebook, your company website is a necessity. It is because many functions cannot be only done with Facebook pages.

This article will explain the three important functions of a website. Besides, also talk about why we need to build a company website to enhance the effectiveness of our digital marketing activity.

To Boss Whom Without Website: Why Facebook Page Cannot Replace Company Website

Many bosses will think that “My businesses already have a Facebook page, so I don’t need to do a company website.”. Or maybe you may think that it takes a lot of time and money to make a website. Hence, even though you want to do it, still yet to start on it.

First of all, I would like to explain why your businesses should have a company website. I will give you some web page production resources to let you know that the money and time required to make a website should not be as much as you think.


Reason # 1: Target Audience Accurately

If you don’t want to look at other reasons, this reason is good enough to convince you to build a company website immediately. Websites help you use the right goals in your Facebook ads and effectively finding potential customers and exclude unwanted foreigners. When advertising at Facebook, we are facing a big problem which is your ads LIKE by foreigner and unwanted target audience. In addition, there is no transaction after advertising.

The cause of this problem is when you using “Engagement” as a goal, you will attract the people who have the greatest chance of “Interaction”. They are like those who have a lot of free time scrolling Facebook. Therefore, if you don’t have a website, you can only use this method to achieve your advertising goal. Conversely, if you have a website, you can set “Traffic” or “Conversion” as your marketing goals. Facebook will help you find the audience who has the greatest chance to click on your website and purchase products after seeing your ads. 

Reason # 2: Audience Emotionally Unconvinced

The website is your “online salesman” which can drive consumer’s sentiment of buying.

The most common question I receive from bosses after advertise at Facebook are: 

“Why my ads being viewed but no query at all?”

“Why is there a query but no deal?”

Of course, customers may say that the price is too expensive, they have to consider first, it is not suitable for me and so on. The problem seems to be difficult to solve. However, actually the reason that they don’t buy is because of their emotionally have not convinced to buy. Below might be the causes:  

  • Effectiveness of communicating on your product benefits which can drive customers to increase their purchase desire.

  • Using rare scarcity method to lets customers afraid of missing opportunities to resolve customer doubt on risk on purchase.

Therefore, your website is an indispensable tool to convince your potential customers to buy and close your deal. Websites do much better than a Facebook post. On your website, you can determine the text and photo ranking, separate several pages and taking customers into a process. Whereas, Facebook posts have some restrictions, which the text is thin, and visitors can easily click other buttons on Facebook to jump out of your sales process.

Reason # 3: Business Professional Image 

Websites build a professional image for your company and increase the confidence of your customers to your business. If you are selling professional services or luxury products, you must pay attention to this. In the era of knowledge, when customers first contact your products and services, they may want to do googling before buying or checking. Yes, you can provide a link to the Facebook page, but as I mentioned previously. If compared with the website, the ranking and content of the page might have many restrictions. When a potential customer sees that you didn’t have a website, they may think, “There is not even a website. Is this company small in scale? Will it have very little experience?”. Having a website does not mean that customers will choose you; but without a website, customers will never choose you.

Reason # 4: Remarketing through your Website

Remarketing means selling your product or services to customers who have already keep in touch with you. In particular, users who are interested in your products and services but not yet do immediately query or purchase. If you sell your product on the Facebook page, you may lose your potential customer who needs to do research and consideration before purchase. It is because you cannot get him back after your advertisement is ended. Conversely, if the user been to visit your website, even if he left, it does not mean that he is not interested to buy. The website allows us to install Facebook Pixel, to cast tracking traffic and bring customers back to our website.

Website setup time and costs

I expected that many friends who do not have a website but cannot deny the argument. The most important reason for not doing it is because you don’t know how to do it and you don’t want to spend thousands Ringgit to do so. Nowadays, there are actually a lot of DIY online tools, to let people who do not understand web programs also can easily build a beautiful and professional website within a few hour’s time. This free online tool like WordPress, Wix, Shopify and etc which is very convenient to use. But if you are really hard to have time doing it well, may consider our Website Package which tailored with your need. 

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