How Does a Webpage Become Your Marketing Tool?

I often face questions from customers, today’s webpage is nothing new, but is it still useful? Are you feeling the same way? If yes, then I can tell you for sure that you are about to be eliminated by this technology economy.

When Taobao, eBay, Amazon, and logistics were not as mature, you assume that the webpage is useless you can be forgiven. However, our mobile phone had become more important than our wallet and identification nowadays. Moreover, Google and Facebook have become a platform that everyone must visit daily. Hence, if your company still behind the trend, your market will sooner take over by your competitor. Google and Facebook had implement to track the date of user behavior on the Internet many years ago. To the point, if your company still using a traditional way of marketing. We can say that your marketing method is had been outdated.

What can you do with a webpage?

A webpage is your marketing tool nowadays. Your company will need it to continue your business operation to another era.

1. Let your potential customer subscribe to your newsletter.

Make a blog on your company’s webpage which is related to your company’s products and services. After that, publish the related information and tips of your company’s product and service. It can let customers feel interesting and useful. Therefore, the customers will be willing to leave their emails to follow up with your company product and service’s news.

2. Track the spending habits of your potential customers.

By setting up a tracker on the webpage, you can clearly understand the consumption habits of your potential customers. For instance, the number of views on your webpage, when is the most viewed, what products are the most popular, and which regions are potential customers coming from. It is impossible to achieve it until recently our technical skill has been matured and low cost. If you know how to use your company’s webpage. Then, these data will be the trends and indicators of your company’s future development.

3. Push effect on marketing promotion.

When you successfully let your customers leave their email addresses, you can start to use mailers to promote your products. The conversation rate is much higher than you can imagine such as Guardian. After I had successfully made the first purchase on their website, their mailer promotes never-ending emails to me for almost every week once or twice. The strange thing is it will not make me feel annoying. It is one of the consumer behavior. Even though I am not intent to buy but I am willing to know more about the promotion product.

However, it also depends on the periodicity of your product and service lifecycle. For example, if you selling cars, you can’t always actively promote customers who have already bought your car through this method. Conversely, implement some after-sales service, such as the knowledge of new car instructions. A warm reminder that the date of inspection and maintenance will definitely make your customers willing to keep your mailer.

4. Improve or maintain customer loyalty to your company’s brand.

When your website or information leaves a good impression on your customers, it will naturally increase customer loyalty to your company’s brand. One example that does a good job is Iproperty. If you leave your wishlist on your property requirement, you will receive daily email regard the property on sales information for your wishlist. When the user is loyal to this website whenever they would like to search for information or do a purchase, naturally brought the industry brokers to advertise on this platform.

We must not be neglect the changes bought by technology to our business activity, your competitor had started to collect webpage data for their potential customer. You may not see the crowded situation from their retail shop because they had joined the trend to serve a bigger market from their webstore or website.

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