How To Add GTM Code In Elementor

What is Google Ads GTM Code?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool by Google that simplifies the process of managing various tags, such as tracking codes, on your website. It acts as a central hub, allowing you to add, update, and remove tags without altering your website’s code directly. Google Ads GTM code specifically refers to the code snippet required to integrate Google Ads conversion tracking and remarketing tags using GTM.

By implementing the Google Ads GTM code, you gain the ability to track user interactions on your website and measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. This code is crucial for capturing valuable data, enabling you to make informed decisions to enhance your advertising efforts.

How To Set Google Ads GTM Code in Elementor

Below Are The Following Steps :

Step 1 : Login to WordPress Dashboard [https://website.com.my/wp-admin]

Step 2 : Click on “LI Theme” button at the right side menu.

Step 3 : Find for ‘ Custom Layouts’ section and then click ‘Settings’.

Step 4 : Click on “Add New” button 

Step 5 : Choose the ‘Hooks’ option.

Step 6 : Click on the “Enable Code Editor” button.

Step 7 : Select ‘ Leave ‘ to leave site.

Step 8 : Add a title for your code and then paste your code at the field given.

Step 9 : After pasting your code, scroll down to customise the layout settings. Select the ‘ Hooks ‘ option.

Step 10 : Select wp_head if you wish to add your code at the <head> of the page

Step 10 b : Select wp_footer if you wish to add your code at the <body> of the page

Step 11 : Select ‘Entire Website’ if you wish to add your code to every page of your website.

Step 12 : You can search for a specific page if you wish to add your code to only that page.

Step 13 : Select ‘ All ‘ for the User Roles part.

Step 14 : Click ‘ Publish ‘ to publish your code.

Step 15 : To verify whether your code has been added successfully, navigate to the front end of your website. Then, right-click your mouse and select “Inspect” to examine your website’s code.

Step 16 : Press Command + F or Control + F to initiate the search function. Type ‘Google Tag Manager’ or paste your code into the search field to locate your GTM code.

Step 17 : Verify if your code is in the correct position (head / body).

Step 18 : You can click on the small grey arrow (indicated by the third arrow in the image) to expand the code and confirm if it is indeed your added code.

Integrating the Google Ads GTM code using Elementor empowers you with accurate tracking and valuable insights into the performance of your advertising campaigns. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to effortlessly set up Google Ads conversion tracking and remarketing tags on your website, enhancing your ability to optimize campaigns and drive business growth.

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