One Page Landing Website

The Landing Page come across, and it carries the mission of delivering the first impression because this is the first page that visitors to your website, and it used to guide users through a single action. In digital marketing point of view, a landing page is designed to drive leads or conversions. There are three main types of landing pages,  Sales Landing Pages, Lead Generation Pages and Click-Through Landing Pages.


Sales landing pages

Sales landing pages is created to drive conversions. Its purpose is to provide all the information to lead customer click through your CTA button.

Lead Generation Pages

Lead Generation Pages prompt users to sign up for certain content, such as newsletters. Typically, they use forms to collect information such as name and email address. 

Click-Through Landing Pages

Click-Through Landing Pages are designed to provide more information and highlight product benefits in order to bring the visitor closer to making a purchase decision, typically used in e-commerce funnels.

High Conversion Landing Pages With 7 Practical

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