How Do Automatically Backup Facebook Photos to Google Albums?

Worried About Facebook Photos Disappearing For No Reason? Last year, Facebook announced its photo album backup plan. Recently, it officially launched this feature, allowing Facebook users to back up photos and videos uploaded to the Facebook platform to Google Photo Album storage, and set it directly in the settings menu. Even in the future, other cloud spaces will be opened, such as Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. In this way, Facebook users will not have to worry about photos or videos disappearing for some reason.

Step 1. Open the first page of Facebook and open the “Settings & Privacy” option at the top left.

Then, under the Settings & Privacy Click Settings.

Step 2. Under “Your Facebook Information”, find “Transfer a copy of your photos or videos” and click “View”.

Step 3. At select destination, drop down menu to select “Google Photos”, currently only this option is available.

Step 4. Then choose the “Photo” or “Video” to be backed up to Google Photos, and then click Continue.

Step 5. After that, you must log in to your Google account and “allow” to authorize the use.

Step 6. Go back to the Facebook settings page and click “Confirm Transfer” to complete.

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