How To Add Google Tag Manager To WordPress Website

Why Need To Add Google Tag Manager To A WordPress Website

There are several reasons :

  1. To works perfectly with Google Analytics
  2. Have total control of a website
  3. To speed up the website loading website

How To Add Google Tag Manager To WordPress Website

Below Are The Following Steps :

Step 1 : Search “Google Tag Manager” and click the “Sign In button”

Step 2 : Click on “Create Account” button

Step 3 : Fill all the fields

Account Setup
i. Account Name : [Company Name]
ii. Country : [Malaysia]

Container Setup
i. Container name : [domain.com.my]
ii. Target platform : tick for the “Web”

Step 4 : Click on “Create” button

Step 5 : Click “tick” at the checkbox below and click “Yes” button

Step 6 : Copy the <head> and <body> code at Notepad

Step 7 : Login to WordPress Dashboard [https://website.com.my/wp-admin]

Step 8 : Click on “Plugins” and then click on the “Add New” button

Step 9 : Type “Insert Header and Footers by WPBeginner” and click on “Install Now” button

Step 10 : “ Click on “Activate” button

Step 11 : Click on “Code Snippets” and click on the “Header & Footer”

Step 12 : Paste the codes for <head> and <body> by copying from Google Tag Manager. Once you are done, click on the “Save Changes” button.

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