How to Rename Domain in Same DirectAdmin?

Why rename domain in same DirectAdmin?

The process is faster and you can use back same DirectAdmin to manage your website files and database.


Steps to rename domain in DirectAdmin

    1. First, you need to backup your web file and database so if anything happen you still can recover your website to previous stage.
    2. Next, you need go MySQL Management > Create new Database to create new database and save credentials for later use.

    3. Then go back MySQL Management > phpMyAdmin and use created username and password in step 2 to login into phpMyAdmin.

    4. After that, you need to upload sql file you backup in step 1. Next, change site url and home url in wp_options table, change user url in wp_users table.

    5. Then, open back DirectAdmin dashboard, go to Domain Setup > Change a Domain Name to change your current domain to new domain.

    6. Last, update database information (database name, database user, database password) in wp-config.php file.
    7. You can access your new domain website with your browser now.
    8. Login into WordPress dashboard on your new domain, go to Settings > Media to change media path to new domain path.

    9. Go to Elementor > Tools > Replace URL tab to update site address from old url to new url.

    10. Then go to General tab and click Regenerate Files & Data to recreate files according to most recent settings.

    11. Check again all links on website to make sure it is redirect to current domain url.
    12. You had done transfer website to new domain in same DirectAdmin.

Note: If you did not use Elementor page builder, you might need to manually or make use of some tools to replace old url to new url so that it won’t redirect back to old site. Contact us if you need help.

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