How to Setup Basic SEO with Yoast SEO Plugin?

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is one of the popular WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your website to make it search engine-friendly.

Why Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO helps search engine optimization and improve your website ranking in search engines. With this tool, you can get more visitors from search engines and control your site title, meta description and manage sitemap.

Setup Basic SEO With Yoast SEO Plugin

Add Yoast SEO

#1: Go to Plugins > Add New


#2: Search for Yoast SEO, Install and Activate it.


Set up Yoast SEO

There are 4 sections under Yoast SEO: General, Search Appearance, Social and Tools.

Section 1: General

1.1 Dashboard

In dashboard, you will see problems which is issue detected that affect your site SEO and all notifications from this tool.

1.2 Features

You can enable or disable each of the feature below:

  • SEO analysis – offer suggestion to improve SEO of your text
  • Readability analysis – offer suggestion to improve structure and style of your text
  • Cornerstone content – mark and filter cornerstone content on your site
  • Text link counter – improve your site structure
  • XML sitemaps – enable XML sitemaps that Yoast SEO generate
  • Ryte integration – check weekly if site is index by search engine and receive notification from Yoast SEO
  • Admin bar menu – contain useful links to third party tools for analyze page and easier for you to see new notification
1.3 Webmaster Tools

It allow you to verify your site with Webmaster tools of Baidu, Bing, Google (Google Search Console) and Yandex. It gives you feedback on how your site is doing in the search results and tells how search engines perceive your site.

Section 2: Search Appearance

2.1 General

In general, you can edit:

  • Title separator (choose symbol to use as separator)
  • Home page & front page (set SEO title and meta description for front page and blog page)
  • Knowledge Graph & Schema.org (determine what your site will look like)
    Choose whether site represent an organization or a person
    If organization, fill in organization name and upload organization logo
2.2 Content Types
  • Can choose whether want each of the content to show up in search results.
2.3 Media
  • Can choose whether want to redirect attachment URL to attachment itself.
2.4 Taxonomies
  • Can choose whether want search engine to display different types of taxonomies in search results.
  • Can change SEO title and meta description.
2.5 Archives
  • Can choose whether to display different types of archives in search results.
2.6 Breadcrumbs
  • Enable breadcrumb to add to your site.

Take note: 
In order for the parent category to occur in breadcrumb, remember to set the parent page for the child page.

#1: Edit your child page.

#2: Look for Page Attributes section at right sidebar, Select parent page from dropdown list.


#3: Click View page on top and you can see breadcrumb with parent category.

2.7 RSS
  • Add link back to your site at end of blog post.
  • Show search engine the original source and make sure you show up as first result for your own content.

Section 3: Social

3.1 Accounts
  • If you choose organization in search appearance, can fill in your organization social profiles.
  • If you choose person in search appearance, it is disabled.
3.2 Facebook
  • Can choose to add Open Graph meta data (allow user share web page on Facebook).
  • If Enable, preview with images and text excerpt is displayed.
3.3 Twitter
  • Twitter also use Open Graph meta data so keep Add Open Graph meta data enabled.
  • Can choose to add Twitter card meta data.
3.4 Pinterest
  • Pinterest also use Open Graph meta data so keep Add Open Graph meta data enabled.

Section 4: Tools

Use with caution as may cause problems if no experience

  • Import and Export – import settings from other SEO plugins and export your settings for re-use
  • File editor – quickly change important file for SEO (eg. robots.txt)
  • Bulk editor – quickly change title and description of posts and pages without go to each page editor
  • Text link counter – count links in your text

Optimize page using Yoast SEO

#1: Edit one of your website page.

#2: Scroll down the page and you will see Yoast SEO metabox, Add your Focus keyphrase (recommend to add keyword that people normally will enter in search engine).


#3: Click Edit snippet, Snippet editor display.


#4: Add SEO title, Slug and Meta description for this page.


Look thoroughly problems stated in SEO analysis and readability analysis report.
Try your best to turn your problems to good results!
It is best when all the color turn green!

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