cPanel vs DirectAdmin

cPanel and DirectAdmin is control panel for web hosting. The similarities between them are both provides graphical user interface (GUI) for website and server management. Besides that, cPanel and DirectAdmin also provide support for Linux and free SSL certificates.


  • User interface
  • Third party integration
  • Pricing
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    It’s easy for user to find tools and features but might seem overwhelming for first time user. Besides, there are more applications offers to extend functionality. 

    4 plans available from cPanel Solo $15.99 per month, Admin $24.99 per month, Pro $35.99 per month to Premier $53.99 per month. cPanel free trial last for 15 days. 


    It’s a more simple interface with 4 main sections (Your Account, Email management, Advanced Features and Web Application). However, first time user will face difficulty in finding tools. There are also limited plugin available to extend functionality of platform. 

    4 plans available include Free trial, Personal $2 per month, Lite $15 per month and Standard $29 per month. As compared to cPanel, DirectAdmin free trial have longer period which last for 60 days.

    Media Upload Location

    The media upload path in cPanel start with “/public_html” while the media upload path in DirectAdmin start with “/domains/your_site_url/public_html”. Therefore, it’s important to take note of the upload directory path after transferring website files from DirectAdmin to cPanel or vice versa. 

    Note: You can make changes of media upload location in WordPress dashboard via Settings > Media > Store uploads in this folders. If you can’t find it, you need to edit wp-config.php in order to make changes to default upload directory path.

    In conclusion, it’s important to decide on the user interface, features or integration and the pricing you need before choosing web hosting control panel. Feel free to contact us if you faced any difficulty in web hosting issue. We are happy to help.

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