How to Install and Start Using WordPress with Bitnami?

1.Download WordPress Bitnami from here

2.Select the platform you want

3.Select ‘No thanks, just take me to the download’

4.It take some time to download it

5.After done download, click the files

6.A prompt out shows, drag WordPress into the files

7.WordPress Bitnami now is available in your application file now

Start using WordPress Bitnami

1.Open WordPress Bitnami, for ‘General’ tab, Click start and wait. It needs some times to load for the first time

2.After the indicator change to green color, proceed to ‘Services’ tab

3.Start all the services, then proceed to ‘Network’ tab

4.If want to enable localhost only then hover to first row and Click enable, If need phpmyadmin too then hover second row also then Click enable

5.You can create your own port by clicking add button at the bottom

local port: your port no (eg:8822)

remote port: 80(default value)

6.Local port if key in 8822 then only you can access, if *.8822 then all devices can access the site

7.Next, hover to tab of ‘Volumes’, Mount button can access all the files directly

8.The last tab, ‘Log’ shows all the activity carried out by WordPress Bitnami

9.In order to access your site, type localhost:8822 at address bar of your web browser

10.Admin site: localhost:8822/wp-admin



11.Phpmyadmin: https://localhost:8822/phpmyadmin



Congratulation, you know how to use WordPress Bitnami now!

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