How to Spot a Fake Website?

When you click an advertisement from Facebook or other platforms, be aware if you never heard about the business before. Before you plan to make a purchase on the website, please check through the list below.

  1. Search for company information in Google search engine
    If you can only find the company information on Facebook or its website you need to be aware. 
    Check website on Google

  2. Check the location of company in Google
    – Make sure the information is consistent 
    Check business address

    – Do not get confuse by others company name that is almost similar
    confusing business name
    Source: AskLegal.my

  3. Check company registration number in MYDATA
    mydata official website

  4. Search for more information of company in website 
    website footer with not much business information
    A fake website normally did not have much information about their business. You normally request to fill in your personal information or make a purchase directly

If your company website is being suspected as a fake website, please refer to our website package. We will help you create a standard and professional website.

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