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Restore Purge Deleted Email – Hotmail Account For Web Browser User

Restore Purge Deleted Email

Recently, we received a request from a client to assist them in doing a recovery of their email, because they have accidentally purge deleted all their email from inbox. They only login to their email with web browser, they never used Outlook or any other mail client, therefore the recovery from Outlook user with PST files cannot be applied on them. This article will help those users who has never used Outlook or other mail client to do your email recovery in few simple steps without the need to pay for a single cent. Restore Purge Deleted Email. Let’s start on it.

Standard Recovery Method

When surfing for the solutions online, the most common information for recovery method is to recover from deleted folder in your mailbox. The steps are as below:

  1. Open the Outlook, Sign in to the Hotmail email address.
  2. On the left side of the screen, Right-click “Deleted Items”. Click “Recover Deleted Items“.
  3. Choose the emails you want to restore.
  4. Click “Recover” and “OK”.

Note: You can’t access the Recoverable Items folder if you’re using a mobile browser. To access the Recoverable Items folder, please use a PC or Mac.

Congratulations to you if your email could be recover at this stage. Or else, you may continue to read through our article for further solutions.

Activate Email Recovey App in your mailbox

1. Login to https://outlook.live.com/ 

2. Click the gear icon at the upper right side of the screens then click view all Outlook setting

3. Select Mail > Customize actions, then click “Get Add-ins” and hit save.

4. In “Inbox” folder, click an email, Click the “Gift” icon (Get Add-ins) 

5. Type and enter “Email Recovery

6. In the search result, under the “Email Recovery”, click “Add” button. Click “X” icon to exit.


7. Again, in “Inbox” folder, click an email, then the “Email Recovery” icon will be visible now, and click on it. 

8. Recover both Recoverable Items and Purges. 

Please do not do anything while the recovery is in progress. 

Once it’s finished, a folder will appear on the left pane which contains the emails that you recovered.

If your can successfully recovered at this stage, congratulation to you too. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that those emails will be restored as it depends on the server status and what had happened to the storage space where they were stored.

Hope this article can help for those web browser user who is using hotmail.

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