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3 things to review for your Google Business Listings

3 things to review for your Google Business Listing

1. Add business information

To edit the info of your business, click “Info” and Add your business name, address, business category, service area, business hour, contact number, website, products services and attributes from business.


2. Add logos / photos / videos 

You can add it by clicking “Photos” on the left side of the page. Then, upload your business logo, cover photo or videos. You can upload interior of business for example like interior of office, shop, restaurant etc in the interior section. Businesses with photos on their listings will receive more requests for driving directions on Google Maps.


3. Add product or service

To edit business product, click “Products” and add your product informations (name, category, price range and description).


To edit business services, click “Services” and “ + Add another service” to add services related to your business. You can add products as well if your business provide both products and services.


In conclusion, well optimised google business can have a good impact on local ranks which is important for local business if you completed your Google My Business listing correctly.  Refer here for How to setup Google Business Listing.

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