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What To Do If Email Get Hacked

Wondering what to do if your email get hacked? Follow the steps below to regain control of your account and keep hackers out of your account for good.

1. Change Your Email Password

If you can login to your email account, change your email account password. This can help to prevent future attacks from happening. Choose a strong password include with uppercase and lowercase letter, numbers, and symbols. You also need to change the password of accounts that use the same password as your hacked account. If the hacker had changed your account password, you need to prove your identity and reclaim back your email account by using “forgot your password” link. To change gmail passwords, go to (Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Change account settings -> Change password).

2. Set up Multi Factor Authentication

Turn on multi-factor authentication to improves the security level which makes it more difficult for unauthorised person to access your account. Setup multi factor authentication that are randomly generated in real time can make hacker’s job difficult. For example, mobile authentication require you to enter a code that send to your phone before you login to your account. To set multi factor authentication, sign in to Google account -> Security.

3. Setup Recovery Phone and Email

Add recovery information to enable you get back to your account. Recovery phone or email can helps to reset your password if your account being hacked. To setup, sign in to Google account -> Security.

4. Scan your computer for malware and viruses

To improve account’s security, remove harmful software and run a full scan of your computer with trusted anti-virus software to check malware that might active in your computer. Reset your computer to factory settings and reinstall operating system to ensure the malware and viruses are completely removed. Always make sure your anti-virus software are up to date to get protection from the new attacks. For example, Windows Security provides the latest antivirus protection for your device and it can keep your device secure and protect it from threats.


Always limit the amount of personal information you share on social media and avoid using public Wifi to logging into your email or bank accounts. 

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