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How to Rename Domain in Same DirectAdmin?

Why rename domain in same DirectAdmin? The process is faster and you can use back same DirectAdmin to manage your website files and database. Prerequisite: …

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cPanel vs DirectAdmin

cPanel and DirectAdmin is control panel for web hosting. The similarities between them are both provides graphical user interface (GUI) for website and server management. …

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backup website files using filezilla

How to Backup Your Website Files using FileZilla?

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client? FTP client is the software that connect local device and site server. The purpose of connection is to …

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Common Problem Faced While Transfer Website From One Server To Another

After moving few WordPress websites, I faced some common issue as below:  1. White Screen of Death The website might showing the blank screen or …

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How To Move Website From DirectAdmin to cPanel?

What is DirectAdmin and cPanel? Both of its is a graphical user interface (GUI) control panel to manage your website for instance files, databases, domains, …

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How to launch an instance in AWS EC2?

What is AWS? Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that offers a wide variety of services that you need. The service categories includes …

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