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website speed important

3 Reasons Why Website Speed Is Important

What is website speed? Network performance refers to the speed at which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browser. Web performance …

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google ads conversion

How to add Google Ads Conversion Tracking GCLID to Contact Form 7

How to add Google Ads Conversion Tracking GCLID to Contact Form 7 What is GCLID? GCLID (Google Click Identifier) is the parameter added to the …

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business need a website

8 Reasons Business Need A Website

Why Your Small Business Need A Website We understand why you might resist establishing one for your business.  “why business need a website?’, “I don’t …

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revamp website

TOP 5 reasons to revamp website

Top 5 reasons to revamp website We all make the mistake of holding on to things too long. Professionally speaking, it means a lack of …

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avoid your website contact form get spam

How To Avoid Your Website Contact Form Get Spam

How to avoid your website contact form get spam Form Spam is the submission of website forms that contain unwanted information by human users or …

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How to create a WordPress plugin?

What is WordPress plugin WordPress plugin is a piece of code written by other developers which can help to extend WordPress website function. For beginner …

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backup website files using filezilla

How to Backup Your Website Files using FileZilla?

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client? FTP client is the software that connect local device and site server. The purpose of connection is to …

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checklist before launch website

Checklist Before Launch Website

Checklist before launch website Launching a website can be a tedious task. Hence, we provide checklist before launch website for you to ensure smooth and …

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